"That's quite a nice bunch of people, but they're all nuts, right?"
Jens – ThumbnailJens


Founder, Chief Creative Lunatic/Concept

Jens has a degree in German and French law, was a singer in London, played in daily soaps, had photo exhibitions in Frankfurt and London, only to end up in the advertising business. Jens learned to be a copywriter at Springer & Jacoby, then became Creative Partner at kempertrautmann (now "thjnk"), then Executive Creative Director at Kolle Rebbe and was finally crazy enough to start a new agency. It´s a shame, he really could have become something.

Matze – ThumbnailMatze

Matthias Erb

Founder, Chief Creative Lunatic/Digital

Matthias has won hundreds of creative awards, gained about 2000 years of experience in the best German creative agencies, invented the city portal Sunremo and founded Wynken Blynken & Nod in 2015. Matthias just goes for it. He puts his headphones over his splinter-free curls, lets a little fairy dust waft through his Mac and: DONE. While others are still talking about how damn good the solution has to be, he already has it. Result of his unshakable optimism. He also needs that in his private life: he drives a 1988 VW T3.

Nadine – ThumbnailNadine

Nadine Hernandez

Human Resources

Nadine even asks you how you are when the conversation actually is about how she is. Not for blank suavities like "Fine, thank you!", but for the truth. With the gentle voice of a yoga teacher and the instinct of a profiler she finds a solution for everything and everyone. Along the way she constantly optimizes our processes and our mood. For example, with mountains of ice cream from her favorite dealer. Nadine not only thinks along with us, but above all always thinks of others. That's why her friends couldn't stop nodding when she decided to move from media design to our HR department. Obviously we also nodded immediately. We have no idea how we found Nadine without Nadine to be honest. But there she is – lucky us.

Daniel – ThumbnailDaniel

Daniel Patterson

Creative Director/Art

During his training and studies Daniel never lingered in one place for too long: Hannover, Celle, Goslar, Celle, Lüneburg, Hamburg, England, Hamburg. Whew. Here he became settled for a few years. However not to come down, but to work his way up and win creative prices up until becoming creative director. When not sitting at his office desk, Daniel is still constantly on the road. Either pretty fast on his KTM, or a little more eased in the Canadian wilderness. Then, he is really relaxed and his pulse goes down to 200.

Nene – ThumbnailNene

Verena „Nene“ Zirngibl

Working student/Art

Since her little sister learned to "talk", Verena goes by Nene. And for Nene a good day begins with a golden Kiwi. Or with gold at the German ADC awards, where she won the Junior Grand Prix with her term paper. Nene started with us as a 360° intern, whose curiosity even drove her to the account office for one day. We are glad it wasn´t quite her thing since Nene's true calling is creativity. She likes to put bouquets on the scanner and turn them into eternal works of art for instance. But only until new ideas start blossoming in her head.

Basti – ThumbnailBasti

Sebastian Weber

Creative Director/Copy

If Sebastian were a villain in the Marvel universe, he would be "Mr. Gadget". This is because he is regularly supplied with new toys. Like the electric skateboard he uses to roll into the agency. He also has an inflatable pedal boat for the Alster river, an e-mountain bike for his bad knee, and guaranteed more than one game console in his living room. But his favorite tool is the keyboard of his laptop. He uses it to write copies that win creative prizes and hearts. And of course, he also orders new toys with it.

Franzi – ThumbnailFranzi

Franziska Sonntag

Senior Account Manager

With Franziska, every day feels like Sunday: people are relaxed and there´s hardly any work to do. Because Franziska takes care of everything. She acquired the necessary skills at the Berufsakademie Hamburg with a degree in business administration and then perfected them at the city's finest classical and digital agencies. Briefings, timing, processes, costs, the best Franzbrötchen in town - Franziska takes care of it. Sounds boring? Then you should witness how Franzi fights for good creation. There goes the Sunday peace. Then the North German serenity yields to a storm over the lowlands. But only briefly.

Muff3 – ThumbnailMuff3

Muhamed „Muff“ Braimi

Creative Lunatic/Art

Muff made his first big journey before he was even born. In his mother's womb, he went straight from the Balcan War to Hamburg Wilhelmsburg. Thanks Mom! Without her, the biggest Nintendo fan of all times would probably not have ended up with us. While gambling online, Muff not only discovered new worlds, but also his girlfriend from Sweden. Next level: stop gaming, start packing. Muff's nickname is inspired by the European mouflon ram. Long story. He might tell you about it on his next long journey, or in his next short film. And Action!

Andrea – ThumbnailAndrea

Andrea Rahmeyer

Office Management

Shadows are usually black. Andrea has one in white. He is called Momo and only leaves her side in front of the toilet door. However, Andrea manages to deal with it and takes care of the whole office simultaneously. She reminds, finds, ensures, secures, hugs, tugs and sheds a light on so many topics. The distinctive radiant smile on her face that only fades when craftsmen don't do their job as well as Andrea does her own. In that case, she can make fully-fledged men get a move on. As we say, with Andrea everything just works.

Lara T – ThumbnailLara T

Lara Timm

Group Head Account Management

Lara loves her job so much even a broken knee won't stop her from doing it. Solid bones are easier to break than her spirit. Fortunately, her knee is fine again. And, how are we? Great since Lara is with us. For once, because she pulls jokes faster than you can say "meeting culture" (her favorite word). But also, because a situation that leaves Lara unsettled has yet to be invented. Which is hardly surprising. After all she has spent twelve years in the best agencies fighting for clients and ideas. After a well-deserved victory, she relaxes with French fries and a glass of Crémant. That's alright. We have our creative lunatics for the really good ideas.

Vanessa – ThumbnailVanessa

Vanessa Fehst

Junior Art Director

Vanessa tries every day to not dress all black. Unfortunately, on most days her closet doesn´t leave her with other options. Inconsistent? Then watch Vanessa at the office. There is practically nothing she doesn´t see through. Vanessa relentlessly designs, animates, paints and tinkers until she finds the right solution. Unsurprisingly, she goes by “The Machine”. When it comes to food, she is just as unyielding. Being a convinced vegetarian she even does without her beloved salami. If you happen to know a meatless alternative that doesn't taste of nothing, please contact us: salami@wynken.com. As far as we concern, this is the only thing Vanessa has not figured out yet.

210915 Kevin Wynken Team Gif – Thumbnail210915 Kevin Wynken Team Gif

Kevin Platz

Senior Art Director

Kevin lives his life in hoodies and worn-out shoes. Sounds like a skater, but Kevin actually prefers to play skat, Germany’s national card game. Outside of the pub, he is in love with Germany’s national sport, football. Not so much on the pitch anymore, but watching his team on TV can get his heart racing just as well. To slow down a little, Kevin was going to hike the beautiful Pacific Crest Trail, but then the pandemic painted a different picture. Luckily, Kevin is pretty good with pictures and ended up in our creative team. What remained from his almost-adventure in the wilderness was a bunch of ultralight gear and his wanderlust. The holes in his shoes were there before.

210915 Nikita Wynken Team Gif – Thumbnail210915 Nikita Wynken Team Gif

Nikita Kuhnke

Account Manager

An MRI scan of Nikita would probably show 80% stomach – her record is 17 meatballs in one day. And she can fit a lot in her head, too: Nikita passed her final exam with a grade of 1.0 and was named Hamburg's best trainee. She is also the best at abbreviations: After a “Schubli”* Nikita goes to the “Mipa”* and in the evening she leaves the door with a “Bimo!”* After that, she takes the shortest route to her sofa where she likes to fall asleep watching her guilty pleasure “Let’s Dance”. That's probably the reason why she easily manages the balancing act between clients, creation and pretty much everything. Schödadudabi*, Nikita!

*Sorry, we have no idea how to translate these short forms of “progress meeting”, “lunch break”, “see you tomorrow!” and “good to have you with us”. German is weird, we know.

Michi Gif – ThumbnailMichi Gif

Michael Zahn

Art Director

According to the German dictionary, a “Tausendsassa” is a person with many talents who is admired by everyone. According to Wynken, that's Michi. Michi can do everything, and most of it really well. Building stage sets for a festival hall, steering a floating restaurant through Franconian waters or inventing the backpack hammock – whatever Michi touches turns into something. Today, he builds stages for our clients and stuff for our next agency party. With Michi, anything can happen: a campaign, an art installation, and sometimes all of it at once. There's only one thing Michi can’t handle: boring.

Heiner Gif – ThumbnailHeiner Gif

Heiner Böckmann

Senior Digital Conceptioner & Social Media Manager

A lion’s mane, his own jewelry label in Indonesia, home office in Portugal: Heiner would have made a great influencer. Fortunately, things turned out differently and he takes our clients' feeds to the next level without a duck face. Heiner is an expert on social media, trashy tattoos and the best ”Ben & Jerry's” flavours. Sounds like an influencer again, but that's just not Heiner's thing. Even though his secret dream used to be a role in a toilet brush commercial. If you still want to give him a chance in front of the camera: please don't. We need him here, in front of his laptop.

Niclas – ThumbnailNiclas

Niclas Kienert

Creative Director/Text

Niclas had one childhood dream: becoming famous. To get started, he founded the band “Internet” in elementary school and wrote the song “I hate you”. While that remained unsuccessful, Niclas remained persistent. After studying music and acting, he discovered his greatest talent during an internship: absorbing briefings like a sponge, squeezing out great concepts and presenting them like a rock star. At home though, Niclas prefers to leave the stage to his children. Because everybody knows, kids are the ones who come up with the wildest ideas.

Leo – ThumbnailLeo

Leo Wildhagen

Junior Copywriter

Hape Kerkeling, Renate Künast, Ralf Möller – a lot of huge German names come from Leo's hometown Recklinghausen. At 1.90 metres he is quite tall as well, but always wanted to grow further. Especially the inside of his head. Leo and his curiosity have already played through more jobs than games on his PC. In fact, he should have realized while working at a circus that an advertising agency was just the thing for him. A degree in something to do with media, a PR job and a year of copywriting school later, the time had come. Now Leo juggles words and ideas with us. One bigger than the other.

211020 Franzi Wynken Team Gif – Thumbnail211020 Franzi Wynken Team Gif

Franziska Fischer

Account Director

Life isn’t a bed of roses – or as we Germans say: “Life is not a pony farm”. Franzi found that out the hard way, because as a child she wanted to become a horse riding instructor. Today she holds the reins while keeping tabs on clients, costs and creative teams as Account Director. When a project has been successfully completed, she likes to celebrate with a Chardonnay from the barrique barrel. Okay, Franzi’s dream of working with horses didn’t quite come true. But we’re really happy she ended up at our stable instead.

Alissa Gif – ThumbnailAlissa Gif

Alissa Borchert


Alissa has never been the best in her math class, still she became the world's best accountant. Before she fell in love with this role, she was a film actress. Sometimes, when she still feels the urge to bring other characters to life, she likes talking to herself and making weird animal noises. Alissa's friends say that watching her is more entertaining than any soap opera. We think so too, and from Monday to Friday we enjoy every new episode.

211020 Ines Wynken Team Gif – Thumbnail211020 Ines Wynken Team Gif

Ines Griessner

Junior Account Manager

When the sun doesn't shine in Hamburg (which does happen), at least Ines does. Even on Monday mornings she blows us away with a good mood so infectious we look forward to it even before the day starts. Ines understands everything and everyone, even though we often don't understand her because of her lovely Austrian dialect. Conversely, there are things she had to learn about the way we speak as well. For example that "schnackseln" (copulating) and "schnacken" (talking) are about as far apart as Salzburg and Hamburg. There is one thing about Ines though that no one understands: how can so much heart and energy fit into only 1.61 m.

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