Life belongs in the center

February '21. The largest retail chains in Germany are joining forces to fight for fair Corona aids. In order to be heard in politics, we launch an initiative every citizen can relate to.

So the campaign focusses on the importance of vibrant city centers with the claim: "Life belongs in the center." – It´s a declaration of solidarity, a call for help and a political demand.

The film and an extensive social campaign, the initiative reflects the general mood.

We strike a nerve and reach millions. Customers, celebrities and even more companies join the initiative voluntarily.

On the website, everyone can express their solidarity and write an email to their member of the German Bundestag.

In a Germany-wide campaign, all companies involved set a red light sign. Not only the press reacted, but also the politicial class.

The campaign reaches over 67 million impressions, starting a public discourse. The result: our clients are heard, helped and can finally open their stores again.