Jugend Forscht

The Jugend Forscht foundation wanted to become relevant for all curious young people. To do this, we got rid of the nerdy image and mixed science with fun, courage and topics that kids are interested in.

In 2018 we broke four taboos: We showed a girl. We showed a girl of color. We didn't just target students who are talented mathematics. And our campaign motto consisted of just one word.

The result: The third highest number of registrations in history. A particularly high percentage of registered girls with 37.7%. And a record number of submitted projects.

2019: We focused on the much-discussed media behavior of kids and grabbed their attention by embracing the digital reality of their daily lives.

For the first time, social media becomes part of the campaign.

The result: The number of registrations increased even further to 12,150 young people in total. The share of girls went up again to 38.6%.

For 2020, we took up another highly relevant topic: the efforts of students to save their own future.

In 2021, the campaign encourages students to take their future into their own hands with a joyful key visual and a colourful social media campaign.